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Is The Peaceful Pack insured? Yes, The Peaceful Pack, is insured and bonded through CNA insurance.


How many dogs do you walk on your group walks? Our group walks are typically three to four dogs. The total number of dogs walked will not exceed each walker’s training level as determined by The Peaceful Pack.


Do you do individual walks? The Peaceful Pack, as our name indicates, is a big proponent of group walks. Group walks are not only a great way to socialize your dog during the day, but group walks satisfy your dog’s instinct to be part of a pack. We’re often able to integrate dogs into a pack that were previously only able to be walked individually. Is there a place for individual walks? Absolutely. There are some times that we might suggest individual walks to satisfy your dog’s particular needs, but our main goal is to integrate your dog into one of our peaceful packs.


Do you walk dogs rain or shine? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" is the unofficial credo of the U.S. Post Office. Although they ‘might’ not always adhere to it, we do. Every client has not only an assigned dog walker, but also an assigned back-up dog walker. Rain, snow, even blizzard, we’ve done it all. However, we always consider what breed of dog you have and how much tolerance that breed might have to extremes of weather. In the event of extreme weather such as, but not limited to, temperatures above 85 degrees, low temperatures below 35 degrees, rain when the temperature is less than 45 degrees, or any storm considered dangerous, we will modify the walk if necessary. An example of this would be a French bulldog during a day when the temperature is above 90 degrees. Instead of a brisk walk as normal, we would take ten-minute stretches of walking and five minutes of rest time, for water and rest in a shady spot. Because their heat exchange capacity is less then other dogs, French and English Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, or basically any dog with shortened upper respiratory passageways, are susceptible to overheating. Another example of an extreme condition would be a Chihuahua in a blizzard; anyone can see how uncomfortable a Chihuahua would be in a foot of snow. There are many other examples and weather conditions that can affect your dog's walk. Our rule of thumb is safety first, then adapt appropriately for the conditions. We'll be there when you ask, but we need to always ensure your dog's safety.


Some dog walking companies will not use harnesses. What's your take? We tend to encourage owners to use collars or similar devices for the neck as the primary way to guide a dog. Sometimes harnesses are appropriate if the dog has a medical condition that requires a harness, but we believe that collars work more effectively than harnesses for translating the walker’s message to the dog. Proper use of any device around your dog’s neck should not cause damage to your loved one. At The Peaceful Pack we do not have a strict policy for use of a collar or harness, but, if we find that your dog is not properly walking with his buddies, and he/she wears a harness, we will probably suggest that we use a collar for his/her walks. This transition from a harness to a collar when used properly tends to make communication between the dog and walker much clearer, therefore, more peaceful, which is our primary goal.


What are your hours for walks? We are open for walks from 9am-9pm seven days a week. We're not only available for regularly scheduled walks, but also help out when you want a night on the town or sitting/boarding over the weekend.


How do we get started? We start with a free in-home consultation to meet you and your dog(s), so we can assess your needs and you can meet us. Just give us a call or email and we'll get started.

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