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Our dogs are our best proponents. Unfortunately, they can't write, so we've asked a few of their owners to share some words for them.


I wouldn't trust anyone but The Peaceful Pack with Simone!
Carolyn (and Simone)


I have been using 'The Peaceful Pack' for almost 18 mths now, and could not be happier. I have found them to be nothing but professional from the start. Mark came to meet me,and my Cairn Terrier, Lulu at my home, and later came again to introduce me to her dog walker, Jamison. Mark took time to answer all my questions and concerns, and was extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, and how to address the minor issues that Lulu had. They have always been accommodating when I have sent last minute texts letting them know I didn't need walking services the next day, for example, and I have always felt they are just a phone call away if I wanted to see if Jamison had noticed any changes in Lulu's behavior etc. All this being said, the best commendation came from Lulu herself. When I had a week off work, and was walking her in the neighborhood, she spotted Jamison almost a block away, and her tail started wagging at warp speed, and she started pulling me towards him like her life depended on it!!! If you are looking for professionalism, knowledge, reliability, and good people, this is your place…
Jenny (and Lulu)


If you're looking for dog walking, training, behavioral issues you can't beat the team at The Peaceful Pack.  James is truly the dog whisperer in Brooklyn. He imparts phenomenal training and expertise to all of his walkers. As the owner of a rescue dog who has issues socializing with other dogs, James and Lola's walker, Tomasz, have been incredible at rehabilitating her and walking her with her pack members. Lola was previously being walked alone because of her tendencies with other pups - now she's a member of her daily pack. I have peace of mind leaving her in the hands of the Peaceful Pack on a daily basis or when I go away on vacation. Mark, the scheduling genius of the Pack, will answer any and all questions you have regarding your pet, scheduling walks, training sessions, etc. If you have any dog, but particularly if you are the owner of a rescue dog that might have some issues, I would not recommend anyone other than the team at the Peaceful Pack to help you train and turn your pup into a member of their pack.
Agatha (and Lola)


James (owner) is the real-life Dog Whisperer. You may see him walking around the neighborhood with half a dozen dogs walking dutifully behind him; he literally controls the entire pack with just a snap of his fingers. I have never seen anything like it except on TV. His skill and rapport with dogs is just astounding; just as important, he is an honest, reliable, nice guy. James boards and walks our dog; he is a true professional. My sister-in-law had major problems with her dog's separation anxiety; after trying boarding services all over Brooklyn, she found that James is the ONLY person that is capable of boarding him. Both of our dogs absolutely love James. Highly recommended!
Sarah (and Gus)


Mark is not “just” a dogwalker. Mark has dogs, loves dogs, and is passionate about ensuring that the dogs he knows all thrive. When Mark first started walking Misty, he made a comprehensive assessment of her behavior, personality, and interaction with both dogs and people. Mark’s detailed attention and patient work with Misty have consistently gone above and beyond the services offered by other dogwalkers, and Misty is a better dog because of him.
Jane (and Misty)


Love this place and the folks. James is fantastic! have been working with him for years. They have my highest recommendation. Our entire family is better for our work and training with James!
Sharon (and Tiki)


As a new puppy owner, I found that Mark was invaluable for helping me learn how to take care of Max, including assistance with basics like potty training and walking on a leash. It’s also a relief to know that if emergencies arise, there is someone reliable who knows my puppy to step in and help.
Justin (and Max)


My most pleasant surprise was how quickly and how well Mark connected with the dogs and vice versa. Both of our dogs are rescues, they had troubled pasts, they’re not very comfortable around new people, but Mark just had a way about him where he could deal with them well. He and the dogs just clicked straight away. When you’re looking for a dog sitter or a dog walker, first he’s got to look after your dogs, but also you’ve got to have a deeper trust. Mark is brilliant with the dogs, absolutely reliable. I have no qualms at all.
Mark (and Hugo and Pippen)


I'm sad. My schnauzer "Boston" and I are heading back west to Portland. I'm happy for that. Sad that I'll need to source another group of dog lovers who hopefully, but most likely will not take care of B as well as Mark and the team at Peaceful Pack! I've been in NYC for about 3.5 years with Boston the Schnauzer and Mark and the team have been walkers, trainers, slumber party hosts, and in general, as much of a parent to the beast as I have. They make the amount of travel I do for work tolerable and possible. I owe them greatly. They are a model of a well run business. One that deals with our emotions as parents/owners which has to be a challenge though it never seemed that way. I'm the master of last minute trips and never once did I have to worry about the care of Boston. We'll miss entire team that helped care for Boston!  Five Stars. If I could give more I would.
Ed (and Boston)

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